ProSeeds e-learning system.

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Overwhelming strength.

The number of registrated users
over than 600,000
The number of elearning learners
over than 130,000
The number of record for user support
over than 20,000
The number of record on producing elearning content
over than 200

Everything with elearning is in ProSeeds Global.

Achievement for13years.

600,000 learners have used
- Learning Ware -

It has passed 13 years since Learning Ware launched.
The voices from our clients enable us to
produce ideas and development LearningWare.

A strong server infrastracture.

We have an actual record on managing over 500,000 users.

There is a cloud server in our data-center.
Govements and banks are satisfied with our achievement.



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ProSeeds provides comprehensive support for e-learning education and training. We provide a one-stop service for all solutions to companies that wish to utilise the e-learning method. Is your company considering the introduction of e-learning training systems? Leave it to ProSeeds, with our powerful integrated capabilities and more than 200 sets of e-learning course materials produced to date that has attracted more than 130,000 e-learners and more than 500,000 Learning Management System (LMS) users.