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About us

Origin of the company name


Seeds. Plural.
Seeds eventually flower and bear fruit…
Seeds represent a group
with infinite potential.
They also symbolise birth and creation.
It is this dynamism of new life
that serves as the point of origin for the activities of individuals,
and it is the individuals who form the foundation of a business.

At the same time, in Japan, seeds symbolise
the new technologies and services supplied by companies.
It represents the act of faithfully meeting the needs of the times, the society, and above all, the customers.
We believe that the roots of our business,
and in fact, the entirety of our business,
lie in successive efforts to see this act through.


This part of our name symbolises our ideals,
and has the same spelling as many words.
It serves as a prefix to "seeds,"
and represents words that begin with "Pro."
We have positioned this as our goal.

Professional staff provide support through consultations on the service fees and utilisation methods.
Feel free to approach us if you have any enquiries or clarifications.

About us

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