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About us

Corporate philosophy

Devoting ourselves to serving the world and serving others, so that every individual can attain success.

This may seem like an abrupt question, but what is a successful person?
Depending on the individual, this could be someone rich, or even someone famous.

I believe that a truly successful person is one who leads a happy life.
I think that the basic foundation for leading a happy life lies in playing a useful role in the world.

How do we live our lives in order to achieve that?
For those who are engaged in business, playing a useful role in the world and making customers happy are the sources of our motivation; these are essential things for us.
I think that being in a position to receive much of the joy that our customers experience, in turn, gives us joy in our work, and helps us to lead happy lives.
Those who are in constant pursuit of this goal are ones who can truly be called "successful people."

Bearing these in mind, we conduct our business every day, creating and developing it at the same time.
We tackle our work tasks on a daily basis with this will and volition.

If our customers are not happy, we would not be able to play a useful role in the world, and each individual in ProSeeds would not become a successful person.

ProSeeds hopes to bring you happiness through our services.

We provide an environment that can stand up to the challenges posed by various situations, from the implementation of company-wide tests to the distribution of large-sized videos.

Professional staff provide support through consultations on the service fees and utilisation methods.
Feel free to approach us if you have any enquiries or clarifications.

About us

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