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This section contains some of the frequently asked questions that we receive at ProSeeds. Click on the question that you wish to get an answer to and read our response.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at the number listed above if you have further enquiries.

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Q: What is a rough estimate for the cost of developing e-learning course materials?
A: Costs vary significantly depending on criteria such as the volume of the course materials, production methods, and whether or not voice narration and videos are used. Generally, e-learning course materials with playback time of about 3 hours, narration, and rich animation would cost about 2 million yen.
Q: Is there a dealer sales system for the Learning Management System (LMS) or e-learning course materials?
A: Yes, there is. Please enquire for details. Our staff will provide you with a detailed explanation of the system.
Q: We already have in-house e-learning course materials. Can we build these materials into Learning Ware?
A: Your e-learning course materials can be built into the Learning Ware system if they can be viewed on a browser.
E-learning course materials that are compatible with SCORM1.2 can also be built into the system.
Q: How soon can we use the Learning Management System (LMS) after putting in an order?
A: If customisation is not required, you will be able to use the system within one to two weeks after submission of the application form.
Q: To order the production of e-learning course materials, what does the ordering party have to prepare, and how detailed should the preparation be?
A: The most important materials to prepare would be the scenarios that form the basis for the e-learning course materials.
If you can provide the textbooks and PowerPoint slides that you wish to use in the course, ProSeeds will then come up with the scenarios for the e-learning course based on your target audience and training goals. Even if textbooks are not available, ProSeeds is able to compile materials from scratch, such as by dispatching our staff to attend group training courses at your company.
The more materials your company has available for use, the lower the production cost and time.
Q: We would like to produce e-learning course materials in-house.
A: We provide tools (authoring tools) for the production of simple e-learning course materials that do not require any specialised production knowledge. Our staff can provide information about these user-friendly and effective tools. We can also provide training for the production of course materials in-house.
Q: We would like to distribute large-sized e-learning course materials. However, these may block up the connection lines and prevent the student from accessing and browsing the materials.
A: When the delivery bit rate of the e-learning course materials exceeds a certain number of MB, and there is a large number of students, customers can consider the use of streaming distribution, spreading out the delivery of the materials, or the use of CDN distribution.
We have achieved this successfully for many cases in the past. Please enquire for details.
Q: Does ProSeeds have its own SCORM assessors?
A: Yes, we do.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries about our e-learning services.
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