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LMS (Learning Management System) features

System features

TOP LMS (Learning Management System) System features Cloud compatibility

LMS (Learning Management System) features

Cloud LMS
that supports large-scale operations from thousands to tens of thousands of users

Achieving resource flexibility and a high level of safety

Learning Ware provides a safe and secure data distribution environment through our proprietary cloud environment.
This makes it possible for us to adjust the server specifications flexibly to correspond with the usage conditions.

We provide an environment that can stand up to the challenges posed by various situations, from the implementation of company-wide tests to the distribution of large-sized videos.

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ProSeeds' cloud server

Strengths of ProSeeds' cloud server

Redundancy configuration of the hardware

Redundancy configuration of the hardware

ProSeeds' makes stable ASP services available to its users. It provides a virtual server environment that makes use of the BladeSystem, so that users are able to utilize an environment with redundancy configuration (double-layered) from the start of the service.

Specifically, redundancy configuration is carried out for all network devices such as Firewall, the hardware that makes up the server (CPU, memory, etc.), hard disks, fans, and power sources.

In addition, when a defect arises in any of the individual parts, the monitoring system that manages the virtual server starts up a virtual server on a separate server automatically, thereby helping to reduce downtime in such situations.

Highly expandable

Highly expandable

The scale of the ASP services used by our customers varies widely. In the case of LMS, this ranges from thousands to tens of thousands. On the other hand, there are also BtoC businesses that operate services which are accessed by several thousand people each day.

There are times when it becomes necessary to expand and strengthen the server as the service scale grows.

Even in such cases, it is possible for a virtual server to expand CPU/memory/hard disk capacity while keeping downtime to a minimum. The use of a virtual server also eliminates the need of replacing the server when the server reaches the end of its serviceable life.

High cost-effectiveness

High cost-effectiveness

One of the reasons why many customers choose to operate their servers using ProSeeds' virtual server is the high cost-effectiveness.

The introduction of a physical server incurs various costs, including the initial hardware procurement cost, as well as expenses that are related to the building of the server and installation of OS. However, in the case of a virtual server, set-up costs are kept to a minimum as compared to a physical server. It can also respond flexibly to needs for expandability. These factors make it possible to keep costs below 1/3 of the initial set-up costs for a physical server. Operational costs are also similar for both types of servers.

Secure power supply

Secure power supply

The data centres where ProSeeds' servers are located are equipped with dedicated power cables pulled directly from power companies. This allows the data centres to receive a stable supply of electricity.

The power cables have also been duplicated for enhanced security. Internal generators have also been set up to enable power generation within the data centres for several days in the event that power supply from the power company is temporarily suspended.

Professional staff provide support through consultations on the service fees and utilisation methods.
Feel free to approach us if you have any enquiries or clarifications.

LMS (Learning Management System)

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