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LMS (Learning Management System) features

System features

TOP LMS (Learning Management System) System features Training management function

LMS (Learning Management System) features

Learning Management System
covers not only e-learning, but also all other training programmes

Training management function

“This function can be implemented if there are requests from three companies or more."

This is one of the development policies for Learning Ware.
Over the 13 years of operation, various forms of knowhow have been incorporated into the LMS system, and the system has since developed and evolved.
If you were to take a look at the actual screen, you would see that it reflects the feedback from real users, and realise that it has been developed from a user perspective.

LMS as a training portal
LMS can be utilized not only for the management of e-learning systems, but also harnessed as an integrated management system for all training. These include sending out notifications for group training, attendance management, submission of reports, and collation of survey results.

Rich line-up of analytical tools
In addition to maintaining course logs, the system also comes equipped with a rich line-up of analytical tools.
The information that is required can be displayed easily. This information includes the comparison of average test scores for each group, comparison of the ratio of correct answers for each question, and the display of distribution graphs showing student progress.

Simple setting of questions
Test questions can also be registered easily in CSV format.
Single choice, multiple choice, and open-ended questions can be combined. In addition, the administrator can also set the question setting criteria to “fixed" or “randomised."

Easy course promotion through the automatic e-mail delivery service
It is possible to identify users who are lagging behind based on their course logs, and to send these users e-mails to encourage and motivate them. Of particular note is the fact that this is an automated service. Simply by setting the mail delivery criteria, all follow-up mails can be made automated, effectively reducing burden for the administrator.

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LMS (Learning Management System)

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