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System functions

TOP LMS (Learning Management System) System functions Enquiry management

LMS (Learning Management System) functions

Enquiry management

Integrated management for receiving enquiries from users and maintenance of a response log

Users will definitely have questions about the system once operations commence.
If the administrator is unable to manage enquiries and the maintenance of a response log smoothly, it may generate confusion among users.

The enquiry management function on Learning Ware is a system that provides comprehensive follow-up of the process, from registration and management of the enquiry response log to the publication of FAQs, to prevent generating confusion among users.

Featured functions

Receiving and management enquiries

Receiving and management enquiries
This system allows the company to receive enquiries and provide responses.
A notification e-mail is sent automatically to the administrator once an enquiry has been registered. This eliminates the need to check the administrator page constantly.
The contents of the enquiry and response are shared among multiple administrators, thus facilitating efficient sharing of information.

Publication of FAQs

Publication of FAQs
Administrators can select the option to publish the enquiry and response as an FAQ. The enquiry and response will then be registered as an FAQ and be available for browsing by other users.

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